National Human Rights Institution





The Human Rights Centre, the Human Rights Delegation and the Parliamentary Ombudsman constitute a national human rights institution. All the actors of the institution are impartial and independent from the Parliament.

The Human Rights Centre is an impartial expert institution which promotes information provision, training, education and research related to fundamental and human rights. It also drafts reports on the implementation of fundamental and human rights and takes initiatives and gives statements for their promotion. In addition, it participates in European and international cooperation in the field.

The Human Rights Delegation functions as a cooperative body in the field. Its members consist of 20 to 40 Finnish human rights experts who represent, for example, research institutes, organisations and authorities. The Delegation helps to intensify information flow between different actors and deals with human rights issues of a far-reaching significance and principal importance.

Office of the Parliamentary Ombudsman oversees the legality of actions taken by public authorities. The scope of oversight also includes other parties performing public actions. In particular, the Ombudsman seeks to ensure good administration and implementation of fundamental and human rights.