Other authorities

Ombudsmen appointed for specific topics

The Ombudsman for Children promotes the implementation of children’s rights in Finland. The Ombudsman raises the awareness of decision-makers and influences social policy by speaking out on behalf of children. She acts as an amplifier for the voice of children and a bridge builder for child policy. The Ombudsman’s work is based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, whose implementation the Ombudsman assesses and promotes at the general level of social policy and legislation. The Ombudsman does not handle matters concerning individual children or families and cannot alter the decisions given by other authorities.

Further information:  http://lapsiasia.fi/en/

The Data Protection Ombudsman handles and makes decisions on matters concerning the handling of personal data and credit data. The Ombudsman follows the general development in the handling of these data and takes necessary initiatives. The Ombudsman also distributes information and participates in international cooperation related to the handling of personal data.

Further information:  http://www.tietosuoja.fi/en/index.html

The Ombudsman for Equality supervises compliance with the Act on Equality between Women and Men. The act also covers people belonging to gender minorities. The Ombudsman’s supervision covers the implementation of gender equality, prohibition of discrimination and promotion of equality. The Ombudsman is an independent law enforcement authority and operates under the Ministry for Health and Social Affairs. The Ombudsman’s Office also gives advice for how to act if you suspect that you have been discriminated against.

Further information: https://www.tasa-arvo.fi/web/fi/etusivu

The Non-Discrimination Ombudsman supervises compliance with the Non-Discrimination Act with regard to all grounds of discrimination . The Ombudsman also acts as the national rapporteur on human trafficking.

Further information: http://www.syrjinta.fi/web/en/frontpage

Supreme guardians of the law

The Chancellor of Justice supervises the legality of the official actions of the Government, the Ministries and the President of the Republic. He also ensures that the courts of law, authorities and officials comply with the law and fulfil their obligations.
The Chancellor of Justice also oversees the implementation of fundamental and human rights in Finland. The work performed by the Office of the Chancellor of Justice is based on complaints by citizens, inspections, supervision of the Government’s decision-making process and other observations.

Further information: http://www.okv.fi/en/

The Parliamentary Ombudsman oversees and promotes the legality of actions taken by public authorities and the implementation of fundamental and human rights. The Ombudsman examines complaints, takes initiatives on his own and carries out inspections at offices and institutions, in particular at prisons, military garrisons and other closed institutions. The Ombudsman’s tasks are set forth in the Constitution of Finland and the Parliamentary Ombudsman Act.

Further information: http://www.oikeusasiamies.fi/Resource.phx/eoa/english/index.htx

The Constitutional Law Committee is a parliamentary committee whose task is to issue statements on bills sent to it for consideration and on the constitutionality of other matters and their bearing on international human rights instruments. The Committee drafts legislation related to amendments of the Constitution or closely associated with the Constitution, including legislation pertaining to elections, citizenship, language issues and political parties.

Further information: http://web.eduskunta.fi/Resource.phx/valiokunnat/valiokunta-pev01/index.htx?url=/plaza/toimielimet/muut/zvkseuraavakokous_pev01_su.html&te=pev01&lng=fi

Government network of contact persons for fundamental and human rights

The Network of Contact Persons for Fundamental and Human Rights consists of representatives from each ministry. It also has expert representatives from the Office of the Chancellor of Justice and the Office of the Parliamentary Ombudsman.

The network clarifies the handling of fundamental and human rights issues and expedites information flow within the Council of State. The network also seeks to increase the awareness of fundamental and human rights in the different sectors of administration.

The network has followed the implementation of the National Action Plan on Fundamental and Human Rights and prepared a report on human rights policy. The network also reviews the situation of fundamental and human rights in Finland, the implementation of Finland’s human rights obligations and commitments and the related periodic reporting.

Further information: http://www.om.fi/fi/index/valmisteilla/kehittamishankkeita/kansallisenperus-jaihmisoikeustoimintaohjelmantaytantoonpanojaseuranta.html

Panel of fundamental and human rights actors (13.6.2012–31.12.2013)

A comprehensive panel consisting of human rights organisations and representatives acting in the research and monitoring of fundamental and human rights was established to support the work of the Network of Contact Persons for Fundamental and Human Rights. The panel is composed of 22 fundamental and human rights actors. A further task of the panel is to engage in a dialogue with the network on the follow-up of the action plan and other themes related to the network’s task as well as to provide its expertise for the network.

Further information: http://www.om.fi/fi/index/valmisteilla/kehittamishankkeita/kansallisenperus-jaihmisoikeustoimintaohjelmantaytantoonpanojaseuranta.html

Advisory committee on international human rights

The Advisory Committee on International Human Rights is an advisory body of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in human rights issues. Its members consist of representatives of non-governmental organisations, political parties and research institutes.

The advisory committee functions as a contact channel between the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and non-governmental organisations in human rights issues, promotes discussion on human rights issues, follows national and international human rights issues and gives statements on questions of principle concerning them.

Further information: http://formin.finland.fi/public/default.aspx?nodeid=42541&contentlan=1&culture=fi-FI